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“It has to be red!” exclaimed six-year old Gage Clark of Winchester, Tennessee. Last fall, Gage informed his “Papa,” Keith Chandler, that he wanted Santa Claus to bring him a bike for Christmas. Not just any bike, but a bike like the one he rode for the first time in therapy that day.


His “Mimi,” Sue Chandler, notes that Gage had always wanted to ride a bike along side his big brother, Jake (age 8). The family had purchased several different types of bikes and Jake had attempted to teach Gage to ride down the family’s long driveway dubbed, “Chandler Drive.” However, the muscle weakness in his arms and legs and visual impairment related to Gage’s cerebral palsy made each of these attempts unsuccessful.


Jake listened while Gage gushed about his first bike ride and asked if he could accompany Mimi to Gage’s next therapy session. The next day Jake watched as his little brother pedaled down the hallway of the therapy clinic with a giant smile on his face. When Gage’s therapist told his Mimi Sue about the Music City Trykes AMBUCS Chapter Wish List program, Jake asked if his family could help Santa deliver bikes to other kids “like Gage.”


With the loving support of his Mimi and Papa, Jake set out on his mission to raise money. First, he raised over $700 through a bake sale. Then he and Gage started telling their family, friends and fellow church members about “the other kids who needed bikes.” The money came pouring in.



In early December 2014, Jake, Gage and their family members were invited to the Music City Trykes Annual Trykes Under the Tree give-away event to see firsthand the fruits of their labors. This was the biggest Trykes Under the Tree ever, with 28 kids taking home an AmTryke! The Clark boys and their family were directly responsible for raising the funds for 10 of these bikes! When asked how he felt at the give away event, Jake told his Mimi, "Giving to another kid who just wants a bike sure feels great!"


This story of giving does not end here. The boys’ generosity was contagious. Teachers at Gage’s school chose not to exchange Christmas presents last year and instead raised funds for AmTrykes for two students in their district. AND they are currently raising funds for 2 more bikes for Christmas 2014. 


Gage and Jake are now able to ride side-by-side down Chandler Drive while their Mimi and Papa watch proudly. “I want everyone to be aware that there are children out there who not only want these ‘Trykes’, but need them. Every child deserves the chance to lead as typical of life as possible. Giving and sharing with these children is such an emotional and joyful experience!” ~ Sue Chandler, (Gage and Jake’s Mimi)

Jake and Gage rolling down

Chandler Drive together

A Story of Brotherly Love & Generosity

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