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Pressing Pause

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Since our chapter was chartered in 2010, Music City Trykes has helped over 900 children from Middle Tennessee know the joy of riding an Amtryke. The program has grown in popularity year after year which created a lengthy Wish List of children hoping for their own Amtryke. 


An ever-growing Wish List and continuous backorder issues have combined to create a significant delay between the time when a child is added to our Wish List and when we can fit them on an Amtryke. This extended time creates a host of challenges. 


Given these challenges, we have made the decision to close our Wish List to new submissions effective Nov 9th, 2022. Any child added prior to that date will remain on the list. Fundraising, assembly and fitting efforts to for these trykes are ongoing as we continue to receive backordered and reCycle trykes. 


Pressing “pause” on new Wish List submissions will allow our national office to be fully restocked and ready to ship Amtrykes and adaptive accessories when we are ready to purchase them. It will also allow us to take some time to review and retool our local processes to help us keep our mission in motion.


For those families seeking to purchase an Amtryke with private fundraising:  


Music City Trykes will continue to assist with individual, privately funded orders only in conjunction with order preparations for one of our build and giveaway events. (These are typically held 1-2x per year.) This will allow us to best utilize volunteer time and resources. Time frames and instructions for these submissions will be announced when the next giveaway date is determined. 


NOTE: If your child has been evaluated by his or her therapist (links below for the necessary assessment and selection forms) and you have funds that need to be spent by a certain date or you do not want to wait for the next MCT event, you can purchase an Amtryke through the National AMBUCS Resource Center ( and it will be shipped directly to you for assembly. After assembly, it is strongly recommended that your child be custom fitted to the tryke by your child’s therapist after it is assembled to ensure safe riding. 

If you have specific questions please feel to reach out to us:

Amtryke Assessment Form

Amtryke Selection Form 

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