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be the next link in the chain

Click Here to reCycle an Amtryke®

When your rider has outgrown his or her Amtryke® or is no longer riding it, we request that you return it to our chapter to allow us to provide it to another local child. You and your family will be passing along of the joy of riding an Amtryke®!


Please note, an Amtryke® provided via our Wish List was sponsored should not be resold or donated to another organization or family without first contacting Music City Trykes. This will ensure that those children waiting the longest will be the first to get an available Amtyrke®.


If your family is planning to self-fund a new Amtryke®, the one returned through our reCycle program (within 5 years)  will receive a credit based on its depreciated value. This value is determined by the tryke’s age and condition. This is not a cash value and is only able to be applied to self-funded trykes and does not apply to Wish List additions. Storing an Amtryke® indoors or at least in a covered location and doing ongoing, general bike maintenance are the keys to keeping it in good condition.

We ask that you submit photos of the Amtryke® to be reCycled. This allows us to determine the model, assess its condition and ensure it is suitable to be passed along. We then use this information to determine which rider is next in line to experience the joy of riding. 


To “reCycle” your rider's Amtryke®, please Click Here to fill out a brief information form.  You will receive information on the next steps from one of our volunteers as soon as possible. If you have submitted a form and have not heard back, please email as a follow-up. 

Westin 851 reCycle.jpeg

Levi on his reCycle'd 1412 

Meryem 817 ReCycle.jpeg

Sarah shining up an Amtryke to be reCycle'd

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