Be the next 'link in the chain!'  


We would like to keep your child riding for as long as possible, even after they have outgrown the Amtryke® presented today. Thus, we created our Re-Cycle program.


When your child has outgrown his or her bike or is no longer riding it, we request that you return it to our chapter to allow us to provide it to another local child. This is a ‘pay it forward’ program. You and your family will be passing along of the joy of riding an Amtryke®!


Please note, the Amtryke® provided today cannot not be resold and should not be donated to another organization or family without first contacting Music City Trykes. This will ensure that those children waiting the longest will be the first to get an available Amtyrke®.


Amtrykes® returned through our Re-Cycle program within 5 years of today’s presentation will receive a credit toward a new Amtryke® based on its depreciated value. This value is determined by the tryke’s age and condition. If it is deemed to be in acceptable condition, it will be “Re-Cycled” and presented to another child on our Wish List.


To “Re-Cycle” your Amtryke®, please contact us at We will arrange for one of our volunteer members to pick up the tryke and, if needed, evaluate your child for a new one. Once the tryke has been returned, please allow one month for processing and the credit to be applied. The credit is applied to the purchase of a new Amtryke® through our chapter only. If you are planning to individually fundraise for your next Amtryke®, please contact us for further process details. Otherwise, your child will be added to our Wish List with the return of the current tryke noted.

Levi on his reCycle'd 1412 

Sarah shining up a tryke to be reCycle'd