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How are current supply chain issues impacting our ability to obtain Amtrykes?

COVID-related challenges in both the manufacturing and shipping industries have had a significant impact upon our chapter’s ability to get Amtrykes for our Wish List riders.  Unfortunately, supply chain disruptions, delivery delays and rising costs have become a bike industry norm, rather than an exception. We have been facing this challenge since the start of COVID and it appears that it will continue to be an issue for at least another year. 

To illustrate the problem and how it directly impacts MCT….  We’ve also been informed that nearly all Amtryke models are on backorder until late Fall of 2022 (at the earliest). 


Amtryke orders are shipped based on when orders are place from our national headquarter's warehouse.  That means we will need to place orders now for trykes that we will not get to see until nearly this time next year. That kind of long-term planning and fundraising with a Wish List of growing children can be very challenging. 

So...what is the Music City Trykes plan?

  1. We are actively seeking trykes that have been outgrown or are no longer in use through our reCycle program. This will allow us to get as many children currently waiting out and rolling. If you have a tryke or know of one that could be reCycled, please find our reCycle Form here. 

  2. We are exploring other sourcing options. This is our last resort. We would much prefer to gift Amtrykes. However, if we can find an option that will help us fulfill our mission we may do so. 

  3. We are looking into ways to continually engage and support our current riders with community based events including collaborating with other local nonprofits to engage our riders and families

  4. Plans to move to a new manufacturer at the national level continue to be in the works. This switch may alleviate some of the long-term issues we are facing. However, the new manufacturer is still a part of bike industry. They are also currently facing supply chain and shipping difficulties, delaying this move from original timelines.  

Are you still accepting applications for your Wish List?

Yes. We are still accepting Wish List applications. Typically we tell families that it takes between 12 and 18 months to receive a new Amtryke unless a reCycle Amtryke becomes available. We can no longer use that timeframe. If current conditions continue, riders may now wait 2 years or more for a fully funded, new Amtryke unless a reCycle becomes available. Our reCycle program works just like our Wish List program. If your child has been waiting the longest for a frame that comes back to us in good condition we will offer that to him or her. We ask for your patience, however, as this process (from picking up, cleaning up, safety checking and fitting) all on volunteer hours can take time. 


Are you still getting quotes for private fundraising orders? 

Yes. If your family is planning to do private fundraising and purchase your child’s Amtryke with our chapter’s assistance (evaluation assist, building of the tryke and fitting) we are happy to request a formal quote and send it your way. In order to “get in line” for one of the back ordered Amtrykes you must submit payment up front.  We know how frustrating it can be knowing that your child’s Amtryke may be several months away from delivery. We wish the situation was better and look forward to the day we can announce these issues have passed. 

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